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qweb Some of the internal pages indexed:

At the moment of audit (20-02-2012), complies with all guidelines established by the main search engines with regard to the following areas:

Your main page title is correct
The description metatag is correct
You have a correct meta keywords
The density of the text in your main page is ok
You don't have any text that could be considered hidden
Your canonical redirect is correct
You have unless one H1 tag
You have unless one H2 tag
You have unless one H3 tag
You haven't any temporary redirect in your main page (302)
We haven't detected any invalid redirect (Refresh)
Your main page doesn't have frames
You don't have Flash content
Your Robots.txt archive is ok
Your Robots.txt archive doesn't uses 'Disallow' command
Your main page has a correct Sitemap.xml
Your main page has less than 20 external links
You don't have any broken links in your main page


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