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We declare

Our unequivocal intention of fulfilling effectual current regulations, as well as those that may emerge in future, regarding the quality guidelines demanded by the main search engines. At the above indicated, we feel sure to perform the following aspects:

  • We do not employ hidden texts nor links
  • What the users do see is what is presented to the search engines
  • We do not implement evasive redirecting
  • We do not overload the pages with irrelevant terms
  • We do not use webpages, subdomains or domains with similar or duplicated content

We understand

The importance or maintaining our web within the guiding principles of the major search engines, and therefore

We commit ourselves

To notify Directorio de Empresas of any changes we may carry out in our web site.


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<title>Policlinico Universitario Rampa</title>
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<meta name="author" content="Dr. Miguel E. Marin Diaz">
<meta name="description" content="Policlinico Docente Rampa. El portal de salud de cuba ofrece la posibilidad de consultar numerosos recursos de informaci&oacute;n de salud mayoritariamente. Desde estas p&aacute;ginas se pu...